Bravely entering in to the world of blog!! – Happy Thanksgiving!

It’s undoubtedly a really brave thing – putting your style ‘out there’. Style is so personal to the individual; there’s no right or wrong when you are doing it for the sake of expression. Just the same with any art, beauty is in the eye of the beholder. In spite of this, I have to say I am still very nervous about launching my blog as I haven’t found my voice yet but its important to start writing as I think it develops and one thing leads to another. That’s my philosophy anyway.

As a British Mother of three daughters living in Texas,I feel grateful to have found a forum to express my creativity and to try and find my voice. That’s all I want to be able to do and if I inspire someone along the way, then that’s a double whammy.

My lifelong quest to make something pretty out of second hand treasures has stayed with me and I doubt it will ever be any different. I credit my Mum for taking me to country village Jumble Sales in England as a child. It was there my love of Bric-a-Brac began. I can remember how my Mum would raise her eyebrows as I came home, arms aching with carrier bags full of baggy jumpers, old teapots, plates and fur coats. I would then set about rearranging my bedroom with all my treasures. Still nothing makes me happier than when I find a dusty old second-hand shop and I can hurry home with my prized possessions.

These days I love anything interesting, old and new. I really love natural materials and simplistic arrangements. I also love to paint when I get the time. I am inspired by many people and places which I look forward to sharing with you.

So, it’s my first Thanksgiving – such a beautiful time of year and so many lovely natural things to display and share with you.  I hope you like my expression of autumn using some of the objects that I love.

Happy Thanksgiving.

xAutumn display

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