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natural neutral vignette flat lay moon cake mold wooden beads coral sea urchin wood sisal string rock antler star brown and cream collection

A natural collection


A little late but Happy New Year and here’s to another year of trawling for treasures! My garage is fast becoming a great space for me to indulge my passion for collecting and hoarding, arranging and then….rearranging my ‘stuff’ so that I can take my snaps and create something interesting. I’ve been playing with clever little backdrops by using my artwork, painted canvasses, card or fabric.  Basically having lots of fun creating little styled vignettes and brainstorming ideas for future projects. Lots of fun for me – not so much fun for husband who cant understand why I wont throw anything away!

This funny little hobby of mine has suddenly kind of grown into something that I am really  loving. What began as a childhood habit of trawling jumble sales and second hand shops to find that unique treasure has grown in to something I am absolutely loving. It gives me great personal pleasure. Not just the ‘find’ but the creative outlet that I have been stifling for years. I think I’ve finally found my ‘thing’. Just need to stop drinking coffee with my friends and spend more time trawling, reading, snapping and creating. So much to learn and the more I look and read about the styling thats out there, I realise I need to learn, look, network, trawl and also brush up my photography skills – and get my hands on lots more interesting treasures of course.

Creating can sometimes be frustrating too – some days it works and others its a disaster – but that’s okay. It’s easy to get swayed by so many talented designers, stylists, artists and bloggers out there. Some with their vibrant, young, colourful styling or those with their stylish, monochrome images. Without a doubt, they offer a lot of inspiration and it’s great to see. However,  the most important thing to me is staying true to what I know I like.  I have always known immediately what I like and what will work for me. If nobody else likes it then thats okay too. Its like a painting – If you copy someone elses work then it loses its appeal as it hasn’t come from the heart. That’s the point with any art for me  – that feeling of being able to express your own ideas and that shines through. There is no right or wrong – Its personal, its yours and its the precious ability to be able to create and have a voice. Just like music, films and fashion – its your eye – nobody elses and its important to stay true to that.

My eye has always been attracted by natural materials and neutral tones. I have tried my best in the past to get to grips with colour, both in my clothing and my home and I just can’t.  The introduction of a colourful cushion in my room or a brightly-coloured shirt in my wardrobe feels like an angry baboon sitting in the corner. I just cant rest until I get it OUT!! Thats not to say I don’t like colour or appreciate it – I just can’t work with it.

With this natural and neutral palette in mind, this blog shows you some collections (‘trawl-hauls’) that  I have put together. I love items with a past, the quality of the materials, the aged patina of time, but its not essential. Its more about colour and texture contrasts for me – Sisal, bone, wicker, ceramics, wood, glass, corals, shell, feather, stone, aged leather, textiles and everything in between.



My ‘Shelfie’


Aside from this little ‘shelfie’, my latest purchases have been a cloche (great for displaying any little treasures), some white wooden beads, a vintage clipboard and more antler (a girls can never have enough antlers!?).


vintage clipboard ceramic tile art

Vintage clipboard



I love still life and capturing a cross section of a collection or  various items that catch the eye and captures a mood. That’s why I am always collecting things and squirreling them away for a rainy day.  Alongside Pinterest and Instagram, my inspiration comes from many places and is constantly evolving. Hans Blomquist is an amazing art Director/stylist who has a passion for creating displays and has the most amazing eye. His work is what sparked my interest in styling in the first place and I could sit and  look at his books all day. Also, Hilary Robertson is such a talented stylist. Igigi Store and Kara Rosenlund  have been huge inspirations also. Take a look at their work if you are interested.



Natural elements look great together with the old tin tray as a backdrop.


Neutral ceramics, wood, glass cloche, bone and galvanised tankard – add a little bit from the garden – voila!

I had a bit of a sort out this week and found nice fabric I had forgotten I had. Fabrics add a nice softness to what sometimes can be harder and more masculine materials. This fabric I bought in the Middle East complete with little bells looks nice against this big vintage leather suitcase.



With bells on …….

Natural and Neutral - Blog Jan 20152

Thats it for now. Lots of ideas for some actual renovation projects with lots of black paint!! and Im setting myself the challenge of creating a neutral Valentine and a new work space for me! Should be fun.

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