Little Yellow Frame

This week I found a little battered yellow bamboo picture frame lurking in the corner of the thrift shop.  I dusted it off, paid my two dollars and  took it home. Once I had removed the strange looking  picture of a koala from behind the dusty glass it became the centre piece of my little Autumnal mood board. I hope you like it.

It’s usually one item that triggers an idea in my mind – and this little frame was it.


A few days later my friend Lucia came running over to me at the school bus stop waving a carrier bag full of goodies that she ‘thought I might like to use’. How sweet and perfect timing! As if by magic the bag contained, amongst other wonderful things,  a gorgeous little brass autumn leaf, an old door knocker and some really stunning seed pods. Thank you Lucia – what great choices.



Vignettes are something I find really exciting to put together and Autumn is really ‘my thing’ – the colours, the textures the fallen pieces of nature, feathers, crumpled leaves, bare branches….. I love it all.

So, go and find something quirky or interesting that catches your eye and create something wonderful around it. Hope you like it.





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