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The months have flown by and its time to start writing my blog again. It’s something I have missed and really enjoy doing so what better way to kick things off than getting the chance to ‘trawl’ through my friends wonderful belongings and take some snaps.  An interesting ‘chick’ (as she would say) with an interesting house to match. She recently asked if I would do her a favour and take some photos of her yoga studio. Of course…….. but to be honest it was her house I had my eye on. Her Houston home is full of interesting little displays that tell a story of her travels and gorgeous objects that show off her love of different cultures. It just made me want to rummage around in all her cupboards for more. Beautiful books dotted around, original artwork and vintage posters adorns her walls. Here are just some of the beautiful pieces in her home.





There is a intuitive feeling that undoubtedly kicks in when we enter certain houses.  A ‘gut feeling’ that tells us we are comfortable, peaceful, calm and that we are happy to stay, or not, in some cases. Is the owner responsible for this ‘good feeling’ maybe without even realizing it? Is it the squashy sofas, friendly chat or cups of coffee on tap?  The thing is….. that ‘gut feeling’ is often present even when viewing empty properties that haven’t been ‘fluffed’ around with and haven’t yet been filled with welcoming people, comfortable chairs and caffeine.

It’s almost as if a part of us ‘just knows’ it’s the right house for us – that feeling that seems to bridge the gap between instinct and reason. Although it leads you to believe it’s an internal feeling, the experts tell us that it actually begins with your perception of something external. So, what is that external ‘something’?  Well, I’m still not totally sure but this particular house has it.






Houses that have given me that ‘good gut feeling’ have often been full of kicked-off wellington boots, dogs, newspapers, cups of coffee, children, books, open fires and usually mild chaos. A general feeling of comfort and contentment and slight disorder. Well, trust me, there is not a single kicked-off welly boot or a messy pile of books in sight in this house and yet it evokes the same wonderful feeling of comfort.

The more spiritual among us would call this gut feeling ‘clairsentience’ – meaning a very ‘clear feeling’. Like that sense that someone is behind you,watching you or even an unexplained feeling of discomfort about a person, a room, a space or a home. It’s intuitive.



Bally Poster by Bernard Villemot and Original canvas of Shirley Maclaine by Houston graffiti artist’Article’ aka Philip Perez


Throwing off all Yogi stereotypes, there is not an an incense stick (well, okay, maybe a scented candle or two) scatter cushion, Bob Dylan vinyl or rubber plant in sight. Clean lines, masculine in subtle ways with vibrant splashes of colour, her home is incredibly fresh and is peppered with artifacts and artwork that tell a story of her travels and indeed, her own personal journey.


Original canvas by Di Kazakis taken from the book 'Buddhist Offerings for 365 days'.

Original canvas by Di Kazakis taken from the book ‘Buddhist Offerings for 365 days’.


An ordered space of calm, always a delicious smell in the air, wonderful fresh coffee brewing and the most awesome breakfasts ever!!. That’s the Australian in her I am sure!  Unique in itself, this home still manages to wraps it arms around me whenever I go there and I’m really grateful to her for letting me have lots of fun with this.









………and always happy to eat her yummy breakfasts of course……



Those of us lucky enough to attend her incredible yoga sessions leave our troubles at the door (along with our flipflops) and let her home fill us with peace and calm if only for 90 blissful minutes. Soon to be returning to her home in Brisbane to continue spreading her magic, I shall miss her.

I am sure this is one home that will continue to exude ‘good feelings’ for many future owners.

Thank you for reading and Namaste.







‘The intuitive mind is a secret gift and the rational mind, a faithful servant’ – Einstein.


All photography by Tina Hunt.


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