Christmas – Scandinavian or Retro?

I have to be honest and say, although this is my first festive period in Texas and the shops are full with so much choice, my Christmas decor this year is very simple. That good old Scandinavian Christmas style is a popular choice for many. Lets face it, nobody does it better – their pared back, simplistic style; the abundance of white, natural materials, beautiful candles and sheepskins scattered everywhere is always so appealing. Decorations are kept simple with bunches of evergreen, twig decorations and other natural elements. Perfect! My decor is simple; a real Christmas tree, some white lights, a few illuminated stars, candles, cones and evergreen….simple.


Star old bench grey white stool artwork shelving cowskin scandinavian rosary stags head

My lounge – simple Christmas decor.

Christmas time is a great chance to get creative with the children so this year inspired by some Swedish images I love, I took to fiddling around with some clay. Simple use of star-shaped cookie cutters can make sweet little festive ornaments, hung on the wall, on the tree or made in to a garland. I made little grey candles holders, star garlands and some chunky beads to add my crosses and stars to. When dry I used pale grey or white acrylic paint and also chalkboard paint to get a matt black finish. Its easy to make little stars from twigs bound with string and painted white and they look nice hanging in the window.

clay stars red berries industrial tin Hanukkah candles crosses beads candle holders knitted pouch

Little clay decorations



wooden beads white stags head black star red berries wooden trug sheepskin

I painted one of the clay stars matt black, attached it to a string of wooden beads and draped it over a little painted white stags head.


I love candles anytime of year and this year I have stored them in little containers. Household candles are cheap to buy. I also found these cute little Hanukkah candles.

Christmas candles sheepksin red berries greenery candle holders industrial tin knitted pouches white twig star handmade vintage

You can never have enough candles at Christmas. Store and display them in vintage wire baskets, industrial tins and knitted pouches.

Although I love Christmas this simple, I do admit to a twinge of guilt  when the children ask (and get refused) to drape the blue tinsel that they found at the bottom of the box around the room. This year got me thinking – surely that’s what Christmas is all about isn’t it? Tacky, shiny, bright, colourful? Isn’t that part of the magic for children? I do admit I wrestle with this a little bit. So, I gave the children a tree in their playroom to decorate in any which gawdy way they pleased  and I even succumbed to buying them a little ceramic village, complete with little warmly lit houses, a church, Santas workshop, fake snow, people and animals. Redeemed!

This got me thinking how, next year, I could combine my preferred Christmas style with a more retro and fun style of decor for the children. I got loads of great ideas from Pearl and Earl, who are hip UK designers specialising in art, crafts and decorations. They have successfully put a modern twist on the retro designs we remember as children.They make a gorgeous range of paper luxe tissue Honeycomb Bells (remember them?), Christmas trees, snowflakes and baubles and they come in all colours including white, a really nice pale grey and even metallics. I have put together a selection below which would look great put together with Scandinavian style. Just click and take a look at their range which also includes retro style garlands, paper chains and streamers.

Pom Pom & Twiddle have an equally gorgeous range in all colours that would look fun all year round. Take a look at their site – I think the children would find these much more  fun don’t you?




honeycomb paper luxe christmas decorations

Pearl and Earl and PomPom & Twiddle make these gorgeous paper luxe decorations


That’s it from me…..Second blog post and I’m really enjoying it.

Wishing you a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.



All styling, photography and artwork by Tina Hunt 




P.S. Please Santa will you put these books in my stocking.


stuff of life remodelista







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Bravely entering in to the world of blog!! – Happy Thanksgiving!

It’s undoubtedly a really brave thing – putting your style ‘out there’. Style is so personal to the individual; there’s no right or wrong when you are doing it for the sake of expression. Just the same with any art, beauty is in the eye of the beholder. In spite of this, I have to say I am still very nervous about launching my blog as I haven’t found my voice yet but its important to start writing as I think it develops and one thing leads to another. That’s my philosophy anyway.

As a British Mother of three daughters living in Texas,I feel grateful to have found a forum to express my creativity and to try and find my voice. That’s all I want to be able to do and if I inspire someone along the way, then that’s a double whammy.

My lifelong quest to make something pretty out of second hand treasures has stayed with me and I doubt it will ever be any different. I credit my Mum for taking me to country village Jumble Sales in England as a child. It was there my love of Bric-a-Brac began. I can remember how my Mum would raise her eyebrows as I came home, arms aching with carrier bags full of baggy jumpers, old teapots, plates and fur coats. I would then set about rearranging my bedroom with all my treasures. Still nothing makes me happier than when I find a dusty old second-hand shop and I can hurry home with my prized possessions.

These days I love anything interesting, old and new. I really love natural materials and simplistic arrangements. I also love to paint when I get the time. I am inspired by many people and places which I look forward to sharing with you.

So, it’s my first Thanksgiving – such a beautiful time of year and so many lovely natural things to display and share with you.  I hope you like my expression of autumn using some of the objects that I love.

Happy Thanksgiving.

xAutumn display

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